ImmVirX featured in a recent ABC coverage of the Australian Biotech sector

ABC coverage

A team of scientists in Newcastle, NSW, led by Darren Shafren, spent almost two decades working on a way to fight cancer with a virus. “Our whole theory is to use naturally occurring viruses to help new types of therapies to enhance the immune response and reduce the response rate in some of the harder […]

The Newcastle Herald features Immvirx on its work to develop cutting-edge cancer therapies

ImmVirX Announces $22 Million Series A Financing

Hunter-based biotech team ImmVirX is working on a private venture aiming to develop cutting-edge cancer therapies. ImmVirX was established with support from the University of Newcastle Research Associates, recruiting key research staff who were pivotal in Viralytics’ medical and commercial success. The University of Newcastle’s Professor Darren Shafren is the Chief Scientific Officer and Dr […]

New biotech venture going viral in battle against cancer

New biotech venture

The scientific team behind Viralytics, a Hunter-based biotech firm bought in 2018 by Merck for a record $502 million, is reuniting for a new private venture aiming to develop cutting-edge cancer therapies. Read the full story here