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ImmVirX is a clinical stage oncology company developing novel oncolytic viruses to create powerful cancer immunotherapy combinations.

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ImmVirX is actively progressing its novel immuno-oncology agents in the clinic, targeting some of the most prevalent cancer types where patients have limited treatment options.

Our novel oncolytic immunotherapy harnesses the power of viruses to preferentially infect and kill cancer cells and induce systemic anti-tumour immune responses.

The proprietary bio-selected RNA viruses target specific receptor proteins highly expressed on a range of cancer cell types, allowing them to selectively enter, replicate in, and destroy tumour cells while creating beneficial changes in the tumour micro-environment, potentially leading to the generation of specific innate and adaptive immune responses against cancer cells.

In this way, our viral candidates are intended to increase the effectiveness of current immunotherapies, primarily immune checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T cell therapies, in fighting cancers of high unmet need including colorectal, gastric, hepatocellular and ovarian cancer.

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Oksana Zdanska as Medical Director, commencing today: https://buff.ly/49y35hH

Dr. Zdanska is a highly regarded clinical leader with extensive experience in clinical trials, including drug development of novel treatments.

We are pleased to share a replay of CEO & Acting Chairman Dr Malcolm McColl’s presentation at the NWR Virtual Healthcare Conference.

Shareholders and other interested parties can view the presentation at: https://buff.ly/3PLzXfE

We have entered into a clinical trial collaboration with leading Chinese pharma group Innovent Biologics to investigate the combination of IVX037 and their checkpoint inhibitor sintilimab in difficult to treat cancers: https://buff.ly/42Vaupt

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