Dr Yvonne Wong

Director Manufacturing Science

Yvonne Wong B Sc. (Hons) Ph.D. has extensive experience working in the biotechnology industry, focused on the development and implementation of R&D strategies for oncolytic immunotherapies, with a special interest in manufacturing processes from pre-IND through to late-stage clinical development. In her current position at ImmVirX, she works from the company’s laboratory in the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) in Newcastle, New South Wales, to drive and support manufacturing processes.

Previously Dr Wong played a key role at Viralytics, executing pre-clinical studies and conducting process development work. She was a key member of the technical transfer team following the acquisition, effectively collaborating with various functional groups within Merck to support the integration process.

She holds a Doctorate in microbiology and immunology from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and is also a University of Newcastle conjoint research fellow. Her primary research interests include molecular virology, immunology, drug product formulation, and analytical assay development.

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