Mr Robert Routley

Non-Executive Director

Robert Routley has over 20 years’ experience in investment management and venture investment. Mr Routley is the Chief Executive Officer of Acorn Capital and is responsible for its private markets function. Acorn Capital is a specialist emerging company investor that straddles both public and private markets with a dedicated focus on the healthcare and biotech market. Since 2009 Mr Routley has overseen a private and venture investment program that has invested in over 55 private companies, of which more than 35 have achieved liquidity events. Prior to joining Acorn Capital, Mr Routley held senior investment management roles with Hambro-Grantham, Colonial First State Private Equity and Baron Corporation. Mr Routley holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne and is also a Chartered Accountant. Mr Routley currently serves on the boards of Acorn Capital and Acorn Capital portfolio companies.

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